day dreams
I want to write
Guided by the moonlight
To sit on the skies carpeted by the stars
And watch a plane go by

I want to see the world
From the all-knowing eyes of the gods
To sit on the sun as the earth turns
Counting the number of nations

I want to set a couch on the clouds
To wrap the eagle in my arms
To be a part of the skies
The sun, the moon, the stars

I want to feel life as it is
Not that of the land and the seas
To know how the moon feels
When  the suns sends her to sleep

I want to sit in the heavens
And with angels have a feast
To write a letter to mummy
With God's spittle as ink

I want to journey in space
And stare the sun in the face
To beat the eagle in a race
And by the planets take my place

I want to reach beyond all I see
And do what the gods never did
I want to live my wishes
To live as free as the wind

I want to be me
Not burdened by fears or worries
I want to go to sleep
Assured I can do anything

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