I know of a place
Where mountains grow and the seas sleep
Where lions hop with crippled knees
And the moon and sun in romance meet
This city thus shine like crystal beads
with walls embroidered with diamond seeds
Beauty their motto, fulfilment their creed

I know of a place
Where fate sits lame and life tamed
Men carve their hopes by the light of day
and winds breathe reality on buried dreams
Women as kings and men at their feet
With ears dancing to the echoes from wise lips
Service to their beauty, all day to adore

I know of a place
Where the skies are green at the wake of dawn
And l sit on the dark blue clouds
Counting life's earnings on my finger tips
where I live at peace, void of worries
lord of the me that is and is to be
This city far but near
Breathes life by the moonlight's watch
And sleeps at the the birth of morn

Image credits: Dreamland via dreamlanduae.com

Copyright (c) 2017, Opetu Ebibote
for MuseSpill | www.musespill.com.ng | instagram.com/musespill | twitter.com/muse_spill

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