Echoes of pain

My ink now spills but I seek much more than my heart can grasp. Here is a tale of pain from a heart that seizes at this thought.

A moment of fear
This tune of torment
Caressing a broken heart in need
In need of what I know not of
Welcome to my world
My mind's wandering through the splash of green
In search of who I am
The swift harsh caress of the wind making me shiver;
the neatly displayed dance of the wind
To the tune of the universe
Slowly like a widow in mourning
The lust of a woman cuddled in her lover's arms
The ever listening ears of the thin air
My voice echoing through this mountained walls
The beauty of nothing
Filling me till I can barely breathe
It ends where it begins
The journey of a clear head and battered heart
Me, myself and I
(A scroll of torn words)

Image credits: Crying and Anguish face via Google Images

Copyright (c) 2015, Opetu Ebibote
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