dangerous forces
By his will their breath we cease
Heathens with sins wash our land impure
For his blessings we maim and kill
These chants they recall from dusk till morn

Friends mourned in silent tongues
Foolishness clad in bravery set their feet to heaven's door
The scent of bodied smokes from decaying corpse
One lives for tears, the other gone

The cry from speakers, their waking call
The morning prayers,  their daily chore
The sun rises deaf to their muted thoughts
The moon oblivious of their mourning words

A train of roaches on fertile lands
Their pride soiled with desire by drunken arms
Over and over this ritual stands
A shout of lust, a moanful cry

Summer begins the echoes of battle cry
Bit by bit, these girls tickle by
Dressed for death, the land to kill
Heathens death! The Almighty's creed

Innocent hands now bathed in blood
Suicide bombing, the hope they live for
For in death lies rest and peace and more
Ascending from this cradle of torture

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Copyright (c) 2017, Opetu Ebibote
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