baby in mothers womb
Dear mother,
I feel the pains cutting deep
I hear tolling bells beckoning me
But before my dirge is sung
I beg your ears cling to my words
To these whisphers that have stained my lips

I hear your cries at night
Leading a herd of mournful regrets
Scared that life fed you a bastard
I feel the web of hatred
Choking me with twisted thorns
These words rent me apart
To know I never was loved
Never wanted

I grieve for these things
But forgiveness I lay at your feet
Life fed me with tidbits of joy
The warmth of your womb
The feel of life on my unborn form

As I leave at death's lead
I plead the stars hear my wish
When the wind of time sails past
And leaves your heart far from mine
I pray these Bells tingle with each heartbeat
To set your feet on the path were our hearts meet
To awaken these words of remembrance
Though I never will be, I was

Image credits: baby in mother's womb via parenting.com

Copyright (c) 2015, Opetu Ebibote
for MuseSpill | www.musespill.com.ng | instagram.com/musespill | twitter.com/muse_spill

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