Endless wayfares, collective search for truth
The global spin of life's mystery and nature's myth
The essence of mankind and the wages of living
All encapsulated in our beliefs, not seeing but believing
We search for knowledge of the beings we are
As we struggle to climb the rusty rungs of reality
We discover to conceal, find to lose
We question the powers that be the reasons for these
The rich wipe silent tears with soggy handkerchiefs
The poor rent the air with moans begotten by misery
We live the irony of destiny's will
Some laugh, some weep, some die, some live
We seek answers to the unvoiced questions of our minds
But the answers lie beneath our deepest wondering
As dust we were formed, as dust we'll return
For stars and trees, pennies and riches are nothing
At the end of the circle, all that remains
Are dry bones and
The epitaph engraved on our stones

© Opetu Ebibote

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