dear diary
Dear diary,
         This week brings my ink to a clot for there are some things I feel but cannot write about. On Monday, as I was on my way to shop as usual; my heart skipped and it thundered in a fast forward beat when I met him along the street.
        It was the fiftieth time I was seeing him since I first saw him in January. His tall, bold, broad chested form walked past me, without a smile, let alone a greeting. Again, I felt the usual ache in my chest but this time it lingered till I closed my eyes that night wishing he knew my name, I knew his name or that he felt what I felt about him. Interestingly, I saw him six days out of the seven days in the week and I closed my eyes each day wishing for things far beyond my grasp.

       I began to question my feelings on Friday when Mama Princess came to shop with swollen lips and reddened eyeballs. From her transparent crumpled silk gown, I saw a portion of her skin had turn purple and a limp replaced her catwalk. Her response to concerned people was 'I kuku fall down from our staircase ni o'. Mummy knew that was far from the truth. Around 6:25pm; Mama Princess finally opened up to mummy. Her husband had treated her badly after she constantly 'begged' him to perform his manly duties. What she got was a battered figure and a new name- slut explained with accusations of having affairs with other men.

         I didn't listen to mum's reply as she consoled her, "How could this happen to Mama Princess who spoke highly of her husband and treated him like a god?" I asked myself
         That aside, I had decided before the week ends to walk up to Mr. Stranger with a smile and say 'HI' no matter what conversation or rejection that follows, but now, Mama Princess' story has stopped me.

        Its another beautiful night and I can only hope that when next I pick up my pen to write, I would write of love, joy and reconciliation.

Your friend,

© Opetu Ebibote


  1. A real heart felt message. Nice penned down work.keep up the good work Ebibote

  2. Great and inspiring. #itsallisay