Dear diary,
Another week ends today, this time, with no hint of joy. The story would have been entirely different, if the week ended on Wednesday morning when laughter raised the roof of our house in the suburbs of Lagos after checking to read my name on the list of those who had been offered admission to study Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. I wish you were there to see Mother as she grew wings, danced and swayed her hips left to right, coordinating her legs and her mouth which was already singing the sixth praise worship song to God. For my family it was divine answers to prayers. Even Mama Princess’ question did not stop her, with lifted hands and swaying back; (like African women do) she kept telling those who care and those who didn’t about the good news. It took one angry looking man, Mama Princess favourite customer to halt the display. Father did not perform any drama but throughout that day, he was beaming with smiles, displaying the 3 inches gap between his yellowing front teeth.
Right now, I really feel satisfied but not happy; not even the generous donations of good wishers could change my mood. Soon, Hypnos would come visiting and I am not sure of what tomorrow might bring.
Hopefully, the next time I pick my pen to write, I would have found the right words to share with you, what the cause really is.

Your friend
Opetu Ebibote

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