Dear diary,
         This week has been a package of surprises. This time, it did not bring tears to mum's eyes neither did it force dad to take actions against those he loved. Though it brought tears to my face- they were tears of joy as heaven finally heard my prayers and showered happiness in my home to erase the burden of silence that had engulfed the house since grandma left.
        The rap of knocks on our gradually rusting gate brought silence to the whole house on Tuesday evening, we wanted to be sure someone was actually at the gate as we had not expected anyone, not at such odd hour. I left the kitchen to see who was at the gate and saw my father staring blankly at my sister. I read fear registered in her eyes; a bit of me was afraid that my father would not let her in, just then I got a shocker. We were all surprised to see him take her in his arms and with his usual deep unfriendly baritone voice, he said "welcome home"
          Mother’s mouth dropped and tears ran down her face. She didn't notice when the set of plates she held fell off her hands. Sarah ran towards mother, she was embraced tightly, Mum refused to let go; they were glued on a spot crying on each other's shoulder.
There is a lot I want to write about; how and why my sister left the house, what prompted her refusal to return for five years; my registration and the impending ASUU strike. But all that will wait till I name the lady who I saw holding hands with my “Mr. Stranger”, my hands are weary of writing and my head hurts. I am yet to get over the fever that has held me for two days now and Sarah has also been at my beck and call, demanding from me the love and care she was bereaved of for half a decade.
The sun has gone to bed, the moon is peeping at my lonely being and all I can say is that “it is a beautiful night”. The stars twinkle and I can hear my mum chatting happily with my sister in the sitting room. I think they are seeing a movie. For the first time in weeks, I feel happy and at peace. Grandma is gone, Sarah is back!
       My eyes are drowsy and I have to answer nature's call, that would be after I have an assurance that this prayer is answered “Dear father, let this newly found happiness not be like the wind that comes and goes but like a flower, let it grow.”

Your friend,

© Opetu Ebibote

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