Dear diary,
              God answered my prayers. If laughter could be likened to rain, then we would have built our own ark. The sounds of laughter that filled our compound echoed from the gates to the poles at the backyard where we spread our clothes. The walls felt the vibration, so much that the firm foundations of the house was threatened.
              This is what had happened; though, mama choose not to announce her source of happiness on loud speakers, she didn't hesitate in inviting her best friend- Mama Princess and her children to dinner on Friday. This however was less surprising than Michael's visit the previous day. I was left wondering how people could stay in love after years of distance. It reminded me of my beloved "Mr stranger" and the strange girl who I think I saw holding his hands while smiling sheepishly at him.
             Now I know what can make a lady smile at a guy like that because that was how Tega smiled at Michael when they met again after a long while. That smile means Mr stranger is in love and that is bad news for me.
             ASUU has begun their strike action again. I am scared like other students are; we don't know what the future holds for us but I know that the love that now binds my family will keep me going through it all.
              Aaaargh! There goes Dad with his usual shouts, but this is more high-pitched. Please, I have to go now before the roofs drops on my head.
             Be sure I'll share with you what the news is when next you read from me. I hope it's one of joy, love and happiness.

Your friend,

© Opetu Ebibote

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