Lend me not arms bent with hypocrisy
Or words sweetened with lies
Set not before me a calabash of holed democracy
All I ask is my PVC

Spare my ears the stories from venus
And the truth that is truth only on your lips

Your white garments are stained with mud
And your drinks, the tears of hungry men
You seek a throne cast in riches
They seek a life beyond poverty
But all I ask is my PVC

Bring in the bags of corn
So like birds they should perch
Bring in the massive drums
So they sing your praise when they are fed
I hunger not for the grains that you feed
All I ask is my PVC

So spare my ears the stories from venus
I shall vote him
Yes him!
He that pledges peace

image credit: www.twitter.com

© Opetu Ebibote

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