POLITICIAN: Lend me thine ears. Pave your attention along the lines of my words. It is but twenty and two days and thy thumbs shall ink my fate. I plead on knees bent and a heart that seeks help. If thou lay not at my soiled feet your votes, how else would I unburden your Bitter for Sweet?

WISEMAN: Not again shall my ears linger at your lips glossed with lies. Not again shall I sit at a banquet with potbellies deaf to our cries. These promises you table clothed in vanity, I no longer shall heed.

POLITICIAN: Why soil the future with muddy hands from our past? Why nod your heads in shame for errors of yesterday when tomorrow sits arm filled with prosperity waiting your embrace. I bring before you life. A balm to soothe your aches. My dreams are for you and I, not for the fame this crown gives. Let your mind soar beyond the grief that aches your heart and soul. I set before you riches and gold.

WISEMAN: My ears do cringe at your words. I do not cleave the riches thou hast set before me. They glitter so bright but do not blind my sight. It is true I wish for that time when daily I shall lay on gold with diamonds as sheet. I shall tread on marble and fed by a thousand who do my bid. These are dreams your gold cannot ignite. Alive only in me. Take off this trap you lay for me. I shall not work through with eyes open.

POLITICIAN: Your words are strong like the raw cassava pounded into balls. I see that life has sown knowledge on thy youthful self and wisdom dwells in you. I have set before you twenty bags of plenty. Need thee more? Ten or twenty? Ask and I will give you

Wiseman: Cover your mouth for the flies that hover round it stinks of your sour breath. A hundred and one more and yet I still stand strong. Here in my palm lies my pvc, all that your lips let out are dust blown by the wind. I go my way but twenty and one days I shall return to put to shame the hands of greed

POLITICIAN; But wait! A hundred more shall I give thee.

WISEMAN. A hundred times you shall grieve when on that day I shall set a seal on your maggot infested dreams

© Opetu Ebibote

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