Dear diary,
            It's been two weeks since my pen touched the neatly lined pages of my diary. Two weeks that threatened the bonds that kept my family together. My father's angry words were a confirmation of my fears.
          Grandma  reported my dad to the elders and they had instructed him  to come to the village with his family. At first he refused but mum was able to convince him that his refusal would only make things worse. Tega was angry that she had to miss her date with her Valentine- Michael and mum was so scared that she did little but sit in the sitting room staring into space.
        Three days after the call, we all went to the village. Though we needed no prophet to tell us that whatever grandma had told the elders was spiced with little exaggeration, the cold arms of hospitality that welcomed us and the rude comments that were made before our very eyes shocked us to the bones.  The meeting began the next day with the elders asking grandma to tell us all what she had told them earlier.
             I could hardly believe that the woman who stood up and spoke with so much violence was my grandma. I cannot pen down what she said because her words still hurt me deeply. She began calling my mum names and before the elders could cautioned her, Tega got up and ordered her to stop. I could hardly believe my ears when my sister called her a liar. When the elders angrily told her to sit, she turned to them and told them not to interfere with our family issues because we had never come to their homes to teach them how to treat their wives. This got the elders so angry that the whole family had to apologize for almost an hour before they calmed down.
       Words cannot describe the shock registered on the elders faces when dad told them how grandma had once been able to convince him that mum was a witch who ate up her male children. He beat mum till she she suffered a miscarriage and sent her packing for a year during which grandma prepared for him another wife. It took him months accompanied with the feeling of emptiness and a long string of ill fortune for him to realize that he was being used as a tool to suit grandma selfish purposes.
          The meeting ended with grandma covering her eyes in shame and everyone present finally got to know that her actions were driven by pure hatred for my mum because she was not able to dictate whom dad would marry just as she had done to his brothers. After series of apologies that I thought would never end and the promise to sternly reprimand my grandma and to punish her according to their customs, we began our journey back home four days later.
         Things went well until fell so sick with typhoid and was admitted in the hospital. I came back home two days ago and my life has been moving in blur motions but my heart soars in happiness because a nasty phase of my life has just ended and my family still stands together.
     My head hurts and the land of dreams beckons to me. I wish for a million and one thing but this night, all I ask is that nothing would ever tear my family apart.

From your friend

© Opetu Ebibote

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