Dear diary,
   I write again with a huge smile on my face because just when I thought everything seems so dark, a ray of hope shines through.
           My week began with a frown on my face. What I dreaded most had happened. Mr perfect went to school without even acknowledging what I felt for him. It wouldn't have hurt so much if Tega and Michael didn't act so foolishly in love.
         Things got better on Thursday when I had to travel to Delta state for Mama princess daughter's wedding. Not only did it  give my troubled mind other things think of, it led me to the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Tega refused to go because she and Michael had planned to spend the weekend together. Mum got angry and when dad told her to let Tega be, she almost had a quarrel with him.
           At mama princess family house, mum acted as if princess was her daughter; she seemed to be everywhere at the same time. I did not unpack until the next morning. We worked till one o'clock in the morning before we went to bed
      The traditional ceremony took place on Friday. The couple acted so in love that I felt hurt. It seemed everyone around me was in love and I couldn't get someone to love me. Saturday was the church wedding. It was a colourful wedding with top dignitaries in attendance. This wasn't suprising since she was marrying a Prince. Once again I wished I was in her place, in the arms of someone who loves me.  Imagine me at seventeen, I still don't know what love feels like. At that moment, all I needed was to be noticed and like always I fe little did I know that someone else was noticing me. He walked up to me just after the closing prayer. He said his name is Martins and that he works with radio continental FM in Lagos. We spoke  for a long time because he had to leave with his friends who were already getting impatient.
      Am back home and anxiously waiting for his call. The smell of his perfume, his baritone voice, the feel of his hand while we shook hands still linger in my memory.  As the stars come out tonight I can only hope that this leads to something good

Your friend

© Opetu Ebibote

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