Death before living captures the feeling of sadness that engulfs a woman who has committed abortion. It portrays the woman's regret and emphasizes the feeling of guilt associated with this act.


If affection were the beads that tied this womb
What mumbo jumbo will these lips speak?
What mumbles and grumbles will my tongue dance to?
What lullaby will this unborn hear?

If worries mothered this seed
Rooted in the hollows of my stomach
Would the injection be set and the blood drawn;
An atonement to my self righteous pleas

If trust was the passage from me to you; not holes filled
Would this unborn be able to say father?
Would it be stuck in his memory; the baritone tickling of your voice?

But here we are,
The red sea dripping from beneath me
A testament to this evil; this death before living
And you faraway, mouth silenced, eyes turned the other way
Heart congealed with hate

If only my head was set aright teaching me right or wrong
that life was this unborn to own
Not this fate my fear has sentenced it to be

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