I Am Woman

This poem is an assertion to self as a woman. It debunks the societal fallacies accrued to womanhood and defines who a woman is as opposed to what she is said to be.

I am woman

Not woe to man
But the help mate sent from Eden's feet
The healing rib to man's broken bones

I am woman
Not the help locked in a four walled room
To clean the litters of his insane drool
But the sanity in his insanity
To keep the golden rule of cleanliness
To find rest in his unrest

I am woman
Not the purchased children machine
Holes carved for dropping babies
But the giver of life
Nine months at a time

I am woman
Not that substitute
But the complement
The complete part of a broken fix
For the absence of me lays to rest the essence of him

Featured Image: Pierre Jean-Louis

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