Dear Diary: NASU Strike Palava

Dear diary,

I don't know where to begin. Is it the nasty voice of the driver cursing everyone who came along his way or the two hours spent in traffic while sharing a seat with a fat woman or the constant shivering of my body as I got drenched by the rain even while in the car?? But finally I am home wishing I had an extra bucket of water to take my bathe but consoled with a cup of hot Lipton.

Trust me, this week has left me thinking if I made the right choice by refusing to stay at Ikem's house. The voice of my mother constantly reminding not to disgrace my family in school held me from moving in with him but now even that voice that once sounded as a shout has now become a whisper. We, Awoites, residents of Awo Hall have never been able to boast of good power or running water supply. In fact, the daily struggle for water on long queues has become a lifestyle. However things took a turn for the worse this week.

At first everyone thought, NASU (Non Academic Staff Union) UI chapter’s decision to embark on strike would be like the usual which only last three days, five silent days passed, then I realized this strike was different. On one of those days, I passed UI’s gate and beheld sacrifice-like items at the junction where three roads meet; I could have walked away and justify it with the fetish belief of ‘Ibadan people’, but hey, a coffin shaped wooden structure with "RIP VC" boldly written sat in the center.

Dear diary, life was scared out of me. There was trouble, no car was allowed to move, the campus shuttle garages were empty and guess what? The NASU drama didn’t end there at the gate, Awo hall just like every other hall in school felt its impact. Just like days without the drama, Awo hall was in her usual darkness, so Awoites best bet was that the drama would bring power supply to the over three hundred rooms.  Where about  one thousand students called home. Then, in the middle of the night, I was jerked awake by a loud scream. My lazy eyes tried to adjust to the totally dark room, I heard the scream again and immediately I jumped off bed, put on my rechargeable lamp, tied my wrapper round my chest and dashed out from the room.

 Fear gripped me, crazy thoughts ran through my mind, I muttered some words in prayers, especially when I recalled the last rape incidence. I thought it was the thieves again, those ones who came visiting with cutlasses when there was a total blackout asking for jewelries that we didn't have. Well, by the time we got out to the railings, almost half of the hall was awake. The sounds of running footsteps resounded round the hall and everyone rushed to the nearest balcony on Blocks G and H.

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