How Long Before Justice Is Served? [Part Two]

Court of law
Read Part one here. No one outside the ‘Osokokogus’ cared about the fate of Cynthia’s murderers, so the murderers still bought Garri at #300 from the same woman who sold to us, while our ‘reliable’ legal system kept investigating for five years before concluding that “the murderers were guilty”; it took them five years to investigate a crime that was clear to all and sundry.

A Nigerian is murdered and it takes five years for justice to be served. What message does this pass to other murderers yet to be caught?   The ready excuse is always that investigation is going on. It can be understood that investigation takes time but when months turn into years, years into a decade (or half in this case) and these investigations yield no results, then there is a problem.

It is one thing for the government to put the lives of Nigerians in danger and it is another thing for Nigerians to throw away the gift of life. The recent suicide occurrences make one wonder if there is no reason for living again in Nigeria or as Nigerians. What about friends, family, loved ones; are they not enough reasons? When I first heard of Dr. Orji’s suicide, I concluded that it was the Nigerian situation that pushed him to do that but when I saw that jeep, I began rethinking. It is obvious money wasn’t the problem. 

Yet, there are people like Titilayo Momoh who attempted suicide because of debts. Three attempted suicides in a row and each of them give a different reason. At this point, all I can say is that individuals should learn to fight their problems. It will be quite hypocritical to condemn their actions because no one can fathom the pain, disgrace and depression that forced them to this decision. This is why at all cost we should seek happiness; in our friends, family, in everything around us. One cannot justify suicidal attempts but it is hard to totally condemn it because if we take time to listen to the reasons for their actions, we would begin to wonder if we would have lasted as long as they did without committing the same actions.

Yet, suicide is never the solution. It hurts our loved ones and in cases of debt, our loved ones are forced to pay these bills with money that they don’t have. Nigeria is a tough country to live in but the reason why we are Nigerians is that we are tougher than the problems that come our way. We only have to look within to discover that tough part of us.

This week’s stories are like tragic plays and we Nigerians are sadly, the tragic heroes. God bless Africa, God bless Nigeria and its citizens.

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