Continuation from last post. The lovey lovey nature of we, ladies ehn has not even helped matters. This has become so rampant that it is a norm and when we should draw the ears of these less-knowledgeable ladies and talk sense into their head, we say "shebi na im boyfriend". It's funny that ladies whom these guys have not paid their pride price do more than those whose bride price have been paid.

Well, I know some think it is not wrong to visit Boo, help clean up his house, cook for him; that could be beautiful but when it becomes a lifestyle, it is a problem. 80% of time, you’re asked “where you dey go?”, your reply is automated "Boo's place". Haba!!! "Shey na only you get boo? Abi you no get house ni?"

The truth is, soonest, you will be that kind of lady Boo leaves home to hang out with his friends and while he is at it, he gets a side chick. I repeat, a side chick who doesn't crowd his space, who does not live her life based on his wants and needs. What we fail to realize is that this "booing" thingy gradually sucks out every respect he has for you. It eats away your self-respect and dignity.

A man can only treat you the way you treat yourself. If you put yourself out as a maid, soonest he will start treating you as one. You know what pains me most, at the end, when they finally break up, the girl will go on a seven-day weeping spree. She will tell everybody that cares to listen "he is a bastard. After everything I did for him, after all I sacrificed for him...." Have you ever considered if those things you did for him or those sacrifices you made were the things that gradually pushed him away?

Aunty, you became a housewife instead of a girlfriend!!! And trust me he wasn't ready for a premature marriage so housewife wasn't a part of his plans when he asked you out.


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