Booing: According to Cambridge dictionary, present particle of "Boo" is "to make an expression of disagreement or disapproval". On the other hand, according to Naija dating dictionary coined by Slay Queens and Co, Boo means "to express love for your spouse by taking up marital responsibilities before marriage."

Boorriage (noun) “shares the same attributes of marriage. The difference is that the persons involved are not married but in a relationship”

Few days back, I was chatting with a friend on WhatsApp about my jobless state and how idleness was getting its toll on me. She sha started showing me pix of her boyfriend's house and told me that she had gone there to relax for a few days. One thing led to another and I indicated that I wasn't the only one jobless but that she was also jobless and guess what my sister told me. She said "I am not like you, I have a job". I want on to ask “what job?", guess her response? “Booing"

I have heard many things in this my life; but this one, was a mind blower for me. Until that day I didn't even know that the word existed in that context. I rushed to my dictionary; and lo and behold, it wasn't there. That was when it dawned on me. Her Booing was a coined slang, her own term for taking care of Boo.

The truth is I didn't have to ask her before I understood what she meant. Though we laughed it off and made a joke off it, it hit me that what she was doing wasn't different from what most girls do on a daily basis nowadays. In fact it has become a lifestyle. Before my very two koro koro eyes, I have seen many girls go to their boyfriend's house every day to cook, clean the house, wash dishes, clothes, everything washable and top it with satisfying Boo in bed. They have become wife, mother, maid and lover; all in one. When they get tired of commuting from their place to his place, they decide to move in and gbam!!! They become housewives even before their fingers smell an engagement ring.


  1. Booing? Welcome to the 21st century miss opetu

  2. My dear, what can we say? With all the campaign that "we should all be feminist" some ladies still prefer booing to baeing. Why shouldn't the guy come to my house and clean?