The Price For An Unsinned Sin [Part 2]

On days he couldn’t pick me at work like yesterday, (according to him because of an executive meeting), I was stuck with taking a cab. However, Bode saved the day; he drove me home, at the gate he turned all the way, opened the door, gave me this warm hug and I promised to call later that night. That was all, believe me!.

Bode is fun to be with, he has a listening ear and had a shoulder to lean on, he could hold my hands and see through me. Being with him is pure relief but that is all. I have my vows to Daniel and I have kept it through it all.

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‘‘My husband, I wasn't flirting with him’’ I said in our local dialect. It seemed the moment of explanation had ended and I knew what to do, I had to act fast too else, I wouldn’t have been able to get to the doctor's office. So I decided to use my lifelong tool. It always didn't work but I trusted it would work this time. He yelled, “Is that all you have to say? Are you telling me that what I saw with my naked eyes is a lie?” he paused, stare suspiciously and threatened as he raised his fist, “the whole neighborhood will know today that the woman I married is a slut”.

Quickly, I dropped my knees on the floor and decided to totally submit. That always worked and lessened the temper, limiting the strikes to only slaps on the face. My husband I am yours, you are my lord and master and you know it. I am sorry. “Sorry for yourself foolish woman” he said but this time his voice wasn’t raised.

Immediately I used the ultimate tool, one that made him feel in charge. I was putting on my night gown and slowly I brought down the stripe of the night gown, made sure my fingertips circled my cleavage and then up it went to the second stripe and pulled it down. I looked up at him and found that he was concentrating. At this point, I knew all was going to be well. He had been out for two weeks on a business trip and the previous week had been so busy for him that sex wasn’t in the picture. I knew he was in dire need of it and though i wasn’t in the mood, I had to offer myself to him.

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The dressed slipped from my body bit by bit until it dropped to the floor. I grabbed my breast and played with nipples, pinching it and faking moaning sounds. I spread my leg wide opens playing with the edge of my panties, dragged them slowly, pull it up and down seductively till he was engrossed in that single motion. And then, I pulled it off slowly. By this time his eyes were glued to me and he had begun breathing in a faster pace. I traced my v-line with my index and middle gently, moving up and down, my eyes set of him, lips parted, my body arched so expertly, commanding him to come over.

He answered the call. Crossed the room and grabbed my breast, squeezing them so hard, I winced in pain. His mouth took the place of this fingers and I let go of reason, letting myself get consumed. The darts of pleasure rippling me as his fingers found my honey pot, and slid inside, up and down till my moans became real. He continued until my whole body ached in desire and I begged for him. Then, he slid his fingers out and pulled off his trouser.

Daniel always loves being on top, with the feeling of being in charge. But on nights like this, it was more than being on top, he had to be lord. So instead of lying down and he climbing on top me, I knelt down, bent my head to the floor with my buttocks raised. To him, that was total submission, it was like I was bowing in reverence waiting for him to take possession, and no matter what my sin was, he was willing to let it slide as long as I let him realize that he owned me in every way, including my body.

He entered with force, and I screamed in pain. It was like a ritual, he did that to remind me he was the boss. He rode me hard from the minute he entered till he came. I was sore after and could barely get up but I was relieved. He got up, picked up his briefcase and walked to the room, without caring how I was. He had conquered and Bode could go kill himself. He had marked his territory once again, showing me who was in charge and that was all that mattered. My sin was forgiven and his anger had vanished.

Image credits: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime

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