We See The Future Too

This is a poem that pictures the present Nigerian situation. It emphasizes this view from the feminine perspective; thereby asserting that the feminine folk understands what plagues this country.

Look beyond the flurry skirts, turbans and high waist trousers
We think not like the crop top that cover our breasts
Or the tank tops that leave our shoulders bare
We see the future too
The calculated consequence of procrastinated thoughts
The little tumbling that birth earthquakes
The echoing sounds of once was
Long since have I worn those glasses
Not the shaded lens Of Gucci and Armani
But the crystal lobes from prophetic beams

So clearly I see,
A gradual fading of beautifully dreamt dreams
The holes that grace our faded cloths
These designs of tear and wear embroided on Sunday clothes
The smile that dims during market bargains and the almost empty polybags on our long trek home
And clearly I hear,
The clinking sounds of spoons on empty plates
The increasing cries of stretched out hands on walkways
The drama of husbands and wives and hungry children watching starry eyed

Look beyond this six inches heels and the bodycon gown
Or the neatly laid mascara and lipstick hiding my frown
We think not like the handbags that house our frivolities
Or the silver golden rings that crowd our fingers
Long since have I put on my contact lenses
Not that cat-eyed ones that fashion dictates
But those transfixed by the experienced hands of commonsense

So clearly I see,
The rivers of crude oil on green  lands
A life for a cow, our lands for barns
An exile by the herdmans fire
And loudly we hear
The craze of jetty pilgrimages to tender their eyes and ears
The sounds of vanishing naira in payment for foreign hospital beds
Naira stained with our blood and sweat
We see where these foothpaths leads
The encumbered shoulders that seek relief
Zigzaging blinded for help but finding none

Look beyond the gentility of this feminine scream
These lips have seen what the eyes cannot tell
The transition from Nigerian to something less than human

Image credits: Society19 via Jessica Teixeira/Pinterest

Copyright (c) 2017, Opetu Ebibote
for MuseSpill | www.musespill.com.ng | instagram.com/musespill | twitter.com/muse_spill

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