Baba Moshuud’s compound (Series 1 - Episode Two)

Mama Moshuud who was already at the front of the house turned, facing the house and began to ring the bell vigorously. After which she shouted hallelujah seven times and that was the end. Her praying session had ended.  Mama Esther called out Emeka’s name “do make you sweep the compound” and under her breath, she said “this mad woman don find wetin dey pursue am”.
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At the sound of an empty bucket hitting the floor, Olabisi dashed towards the bathroom again. She sighed in relief when she saw that her bucket was just where she left it, with the content untouched. Then another drama unfolded, Chuks, the Igbo boy who lived upstairs was the owner of the bucket that was in front of her, minutes ago, he rushed upstairs to do some other things, only to return to catch Mr. Gabriel entering the bathroom.

Mr. Gabriel refused to leave the bathroom even though Chuks held the door and refused to close it. He insisted that he didn’t meet anybody when he came outside. When Chuks refused to close the door, Gabriel turned his back, removed his towel and began taking his bath. Chuks tried to warn him but as usual, the words got stuck in his throat. He waited patiently till Gabriel had rubbed soap over his eyes. As he bent to scoop water, Chuks pushed Gabriel and moved his bucket.

Gabriel turned in anger “where is my bucket?” He beat the air with his left hand like a blind man as he turned like a Sango worshipper dancing to some cultural heavy metal beats; he found his towel, wiped his face carefully and opened his eyes to see Chuks with his bucket of water. “Are you mad?” he asked. Chuks tried talking again but all that came out was “eeess sii siii eeet noo  oo….” Gabriel did not wait for him to finish the statement. He re-tied his towel, went straight to Chuk’s bucket of water and hit it on the ground. Olamide was in shock, Chuks was maddened, he tried to speak again “waa waaa whiiiii, hii dii diii did you whoo whoo...”

Gabriel looked at him in anger and said “you must be very stupid”.  Chuks quit talking, picked up Gabriel’s bucket of water and swung it straight at Gabriel. Olabisi who was close had to duck her head, Mama Esther kept her hands on her head shouting “Chineeeeekeee!” She ran back to the house, if it was to call more witness or to salvage the situation, who knows? “Our neighbours oh! Our neighbours oh! They will kill themselves today”.

Gabriel made his way through the pile of buckets towards Chuks and hit him hard on both cheeks; Chuks returned that with a blow to his temples.
 It was Iya Moshuud who got to the backyard first. Instead of telling them to stop, she rang her bell and started commanding imaginary evil spirits to go. “ile mi le leyi. E ma lo. E fe lo awon okurin yii. Ko ni sise. E wa ma lo”, (This is my house. Take your leave. You want to use these men. It will not work. Take your leave).

The blows became weightier. Mama Esther called for help again and the men in the house came running out. It took a while before they could separate them. Amidst the drama, Amara, Mama Emeka’s eldest daughter entered the bathroom like nothing was going on and had her bath. Before Gabriel could say anything to defend himself, Daddy Peace shut him up. It was of no use asking them what happened. Everyone in the compound knew that Gabriel was a liar and always seized every opportunity to showcase his physical prowess as he did on his wife. Chuks, on the other hand, was a stammerer and if they all wanted to go to work, it was best that he wasn’t allowed to narrate his part of the story.

The men dispersed, Iya Moshuud kept mumbling “e ma da won lohun. Awon olori buruku. Esu ti jo ko lori won”. None of them answered. It took Olabisi another fifteen minutes before she could take her bath. It was already past six. She got into her bedroom, tried praying and reading her bible. Arranged everything she needed for work on the table and decided to sleep again, she still had 1 hour, 36 minutes.
As she lay down to sleep, she heard someone shout “good morning, my neighbours”. She hissed, raised her head and hit her pillow in anger. That voice was familiar, it was Temi, he just returned from wherever he spent his night. As she expected, he got in and the music hip-hop music blasting through his speakers shook the walls. Olabisi wasn’t surprised, “it is a little better today.” she thought. At least, he waited till seven before he started. She knew at this point there would be no sleep for her. She was a light sleeper who couldn’t sleep with noise.

She was disappointed with herself about her decision to pick this particular Iya Moshuud’s house, among other vacant houses in the community. She got up and dressed for work. She had barely gotten outside the compound when she ran back inside. This was because Iyawo was sited outside. It wasn’t like she disliked Iyawo but she couldn’t cope with the long discussion that would follow if she went out like that.

So, she took out her earpiece, plugged it in her ears, maintained a straight face and acted like she didn’t hear when Iyawo called out “Ola! Ola, how far nau?” When Olabisi didn’t reply, she called out again but Ola kept nodding her head as if she was listening to music. She continued like that until she got to the junction. Then, she heaved a sigh of relief, removed the earpiece and waited for a bike to take her as far away from the compound as possible.

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