Dear Diary: Roommate's Trouble

Dear diary,

This week took a totally unexpected turn. If not for Nancy’s hand restraining me and the soft voice in my head reminding me that I was within the school premises, I would have shown this yeye Olamide that I was fed fufu while growing up and my bones are stronger than she thinks. My fear of the University’s Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC) was her only saving grace. I have kept quiet for long but I can’t keep quiet anymore. This is the tenth week and things haven’t changed.

It all started on Tuesday, I woke earlier than usual to prepare for my 7.00am lecture. A file of ants around the bowl Olamide used to soak garri the previous night caught my attention. I thought to myself, if Ikem had not bought suya for me which I shared with my roommates last night, this wouldn’t have happened, I sighed and took the plates to the balcony and began preparing for class.
I was nervous about my presentation scheduled for 9.45am just after the first lecture, time wasn’t on my side. As I hurried out of the room, my feet slipped and I fell hard. I got up to see my white shirt was smeared with rice and oil. I was disheartened, no, I was mad.

It was this same Olamide who kept the plate she used the previous day by the edge of the bed. The same plate I repeatedly reminded her to drop at the balcony before we fell asleep amidst our night gossips. That was that same plate I kicked.  I did not know when I screamed her name in anger. She raised her head from the corner of the bed where she reading her bible. She turned to look at me and said: “stop shouting, I am reading my bible”.

I looked at her in shock “seriously? That is all you have to say. Ehn? Can you see my cloth?" She turned again, looked at me from head to toe and said “sorry. Is that why you shouted like that? Change the clothe nau”. I got madder than mad; I banged my fist on the table and upturned the make-up kits and rechargeable lamp rolled and would have been smashed in pieces if not for the folded rag beside my bed.

With my pink gown in her left hand, Nancy patted my back with her right hand and said: “take it easy, you know say you get presentation”. I got dressed and stormed out of the room. I kept my peace all day, tried to remain cool and I was until this same Olamide returned. The truth is that I wasn’t even in the mood to fight. I called her just to express my displeasure and to find a solution to her dirty habits. After I finished talking, all she could she say was “so now, you are calling me a pig abi. What did I even do sef? I was not the one that said you should not look at where you were going. I can’t stand here and watch somebody insult me. If you don’t like the way I do my things, go and find yourself another roommate”. She hissed and climbed the bunk stairs to her bed. I was shaking with rage and it didn’t help matters that Nancy sat on her bed laughing. I wondered what would have happened if Nancy wasn’t around.

I rehearsed what I had just said, I got up angrily. How could she expertly turn the table round? Not only had I deliberately avoided using any insulting word, the word pig was not even mentioned at all. After I realized that another talk would be a waste of time - I sat down. Then I resolved, from that moment, my nice girl attitude in that room would stop. I carefully selected my plates when I wanted to wash and even when I cooked on Fridays, I dished Nancy’s food in her plate. It has been a cold war since then; one I don’t intend to end anytime soon.

The idiot tried talking to me yesterday; I turned my face and acted like I didn’t hear. I am waiting to see how she will cope now that she cannot use my stove and borrow my cutleries. On Thursday, Ikem gave me some money with which I went shopping; among other things, I bought a padlock too. As I locked my wardrobe on Friday morning, Nancy looked at me, shook her head and said “so because one person don sin, na everybody go carry the cross. Na wa o”. I just smiled and walked out.

Away from the bad news; next week is my birthday and for the first time in forever, I am not excited about it. Bisi, my bestie said that it is because am growing up; whatever that means. I have a lot of extra classes to attend and numerous topics to read on. It is really annoying how these lecturers rarely come to class at the beginning of the semester, knowing fully well that they have a lot to teach. Now we have to suffer for their insolence. I wonder how my birthday will be, crammed in between all the drama going on.

Till next week…

Your Friend,


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