Embers is a poem that captures a lovers laments.


Teary eyes
Milky lines dancing down the nostrils
Soiled handkerchiefs
Grieving the trails of what once was
But these sharp edged darts from a loved one
Shooting through, daggers drawn in
Through the soul, mind, body
Are more than these tears can mourn!!

When those sensual lips set mine to tremble
No moans, just mumbles of confusion
When my lips spit fire and my tongues raise dust
When his silence cuddles his arrogance while I watch
Festering holes on freshly worn romance
All that's left; the remains!!

The cinders slowly growing cold
The tune of laughter and teasng smiles
The telephone conversations; daily donations to MTN’s Palms
The confessions of love and sweetly recited nonsense
The lips to tongue romance, the taste of rekindled fire
All slowly feeding life to death as they slowly fade out
Once upon a huge fire, now embers!!

Image credits: By Jens Buurgaard Nielsen - Photo by Jens Buurgaard Nielsen, Public Domain,

Copyright (c) 2017, Opetu Ebibote
for MuseSpill | www.musespill.com.ng | instagram.com/musespill | twitter.com/muse_spill

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